Thursday, August 19, 2010

Deals with "friend" Russia costing dear


  1. I think the extrordinary price rises for some Russian weapons can be partially seen as cross payment for Russian design assistance in areas India would rather not admit. I suspect (without proof) that this includes Russian assistance for:

    - stealth features for the "indigenous" Arihant sub

    - reactor design assistance for Arihant

    - (most senstively) thermonuclear and boosted fission test results for India's nuclear program - perhaps even design concepts.

    No thermonuclear aspirant would pass up foreign assitance if this cuts years and billions off a weapons program.


  2. Hi pete...

    Sorry for late reply, well i opted for ms by research and quite busy in my academic routines....ya i agree with u something fishy must be going on behind the curtains....i will soon catch u with my new post...bye tc

    Indian Love