Saturday, June 6, 2009

1989-2009: Great Wall of Silence

Inside the Dragon
Hindustan Times

I found an article in Hindustan Times and pretty amused by the fact that the PRC(People Republic of China) Govt. is still hiding the exact number of sudents and workers killed when bullet and millitary tanks crushed a pro-democracy protest in Beijing on June 4, 1989 infamously known as "Tiananmen massacre", Twenty year after 1989, China is the world`s third largest economy and a regional Super power attracting billions of FII`s but still the power of word "Freedom" is absolute or we can say blurred in communist china, millions of chinese still don`t even know that lives were lost that night on Tiananmen Square, nobody knows about the famous "Tank Man" Time`s most influential(Top 20) man of that year.

One of the talking points inside China these week is not June 4, but a little-known chinese company`s aquisition of the hummer brand from General Motors, students graduating these year are interested in discussing the job prospectus, not government reform and when asked about june 4 incident, they firmly said about a Communist party member`s mentioning that students had protested over "income inequality", the Party had controlled the counter-revolutionaries, and shot some fires for the sake of stabillity. Nobody told them that there was aa death troll and they don`t care to know the details.
Thus after 20 years from that massacre China`s Great Wall of Silence ensured that the 20th anniversary was incident free as censors are installed to filter foreign channels/news and even social community sites like orkut, twitter etc. After going through article I asked to myself - "Is it good to be a Regional Superpower or Economical Hub of the world at the cost of their own people.???". PRC Govt. assuring a country of more than billion people of fulfilling their aim/aspiration to lead each and every dimension of economy/technology etc. without unfolding a blackspot of their past.

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