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DRDO or DODO...???

Defence Research Development Organization(DRDO)

Make India prosperous by establishing world class science and technology base and provide our Defence Services decisive edge by equipping them with
internationally competitive systems and solutions.

•Design, develop and lead to production state-of-the-art sensors, weapon systems, platforms and allied equipment for our Defence Services.
•Provide technological solutions to the Services to optimise combat effectiveness and to promote well-being of the troops.
•Develop infrastructure and committed quality manpower and build strong indigenous technology base.

Media Opinion

"India would certainly be better off without the DRDO, which has done nothing except consume ridiculous amounts of money with no positive output. At least this is what the Indian English-language media would have you believe"

"DRDO means Delayed Research and Derailed Organization"


"No Bang For The Buck- An annual budget of Rs 4,000 crore, 51 hi-tech laboratories... Yet India's premier defence R&D organisation—DRDO—has little to show for it."

Critics Opinion

"Well all I can say is that America can afford to waste billions of $ on any f*** thing they wish to, but we cannot afford such losses when we cannot feed one square of proper meal to all our citizens. It’s pity that we have 20.35% of population living below poverty line and this DRDO & ISRO are wasting so much of money without any accountability. Imagine how much difference all this money can make to those poor who do not have basic necessity in our country, to people who still have to walk 20 Kms to get a glass of proper drinking water."

"Sir, Intelligent people who are laborious but shy in nature, slightly unsocial or less mixing with people around, not able to fight the struggle of day to day life, generally join there. They live in anonymity, want to come to lime light with their research work for which their family suffer. Of course highly paid!!"

Part II
These article is a continuation of my previous article Part I on a "Tale of White Elephant and it`s Mother"
, DRDO in india is a whipping boy of indian media and the lines are strogly supported by the above opinions quoted by Media/Critics. But I Believe genuinity of a coin depends on both of it`s faces the same is true for an article, that`s why now i come up with part II of my previous article throwing light on the role of DRDO in Indain Defence.

DRDO`s SuperSixes

1. Radar systems for the Army, the Navy and the Air Force - Rajendra radar was indigenously developed by DRDO, and it is a part of Akash medium range surface-to-air missile system, During the user trial of Akash SAM it was accidently found that Rajendra can track artillery shots fired at other interim ranges and thus DRDO leveraged the Rajendra project to develop an advanced Weapon-Locating Radar (WLR), Do you Know that Indian Army had been waiting for it from long time and clear need was felt during Kargil war, where the Pakistanis had American WLRs and the Indian Army lacked a similar product due to imposed sanctions.
Tarang Radar, Tushker ECM pod and other avionics suite, built locally, costs less than 20 per cent of Western made systems, which may not even offer the same level of technology to the IAF. Do you Know that Su-30`s were not suitable for indian needs, DRDO supplied Avionics is integerated in it and thus making SU-30MKI more appealing than it`s counterpart SU-30MKK(Chinese Variant).
Do you know that The Russians were so impressed by the home-grown avionics that they asked to incorporate some of the technology to the Su-30 variants they sold to Malaysia, SAAB has also shown interest in it.

2. Ship and Submarine based sonar systems for the Navy- DRDO has also produced the APSOH, Nagan, Ushus, Humsa and Panchendriya (submarine) sonars for the Indian Navy along with MIHIR Sonar for Naval version of Dhruv. Most of the Frigates, submarines and vessels ships use DRDO's Ajanta Electronic Support Measures (ESM) system. Do you know that Under the Sangraha EW program, DRDO has completed the development of five types of EW system and ost of them are used in Navy.

3. DRDO developed Electronic Warfare systems for the Army, the Air Force and the Navy - Samyuktha provides the army with the ability to detect and jam enemy communications, monitor movements. Sangraha is the EW system for Indian Navy which now has airborne, surface ship borne and submarine electronic warfare systems, Thus saving the exchequer of many crores of rupees.
Do you Know the fact that Pakistan is getting advanced naval reconnaissance systems from the US under the guise of the war on terror despite of the sanctions from US.

4. The IAF is widely using the indigenous multi-mission Advanced Light Helicopter (ALH), named Dhruv, developed by the Hindustan Aeronautics Limited with support from DRDO. Dhruv has won interests of the international market like Chile. Do you Know Recently 5 were sold to Ecuadorian Airforce moreover ALH Dhruv sets a world record of flying at 27,000feets above sea level. Sitara IJT is also an acheivement for DRDO which was built in record of 22 months.

5. DRDO technology was also used in IAF's local upgrade efforts of the MiG-27 and Jaguar strike aircraft, saving millions of dollars in foreign exchange. The IAF has also lavishly praised and ordered DRDO developed Indra-II advanced low-level detection radar. Do you Know all these upgrades are reliable(can not be plagued by sanctions) and saves millions of dollar.

6. List is long and worthy more then to mention- Brahmos Supersonic stealth cruise missile, Shaurya missile, AGNI series IRBM missiles, Pinaka Multibarrel Rocket Launcher, Battlefield surveillance radar (BFSR-SR)- weighing 27kg and It is capable of detecting crawling men at 500 metres, moving groups of people at 5 km and a group of vehicles at 10 km -- a tremendous asset along the Line of Control with Pakistan. Nishant UAV, Lakshya PTA, Bridging equipment and systems for the Army- designed on the chasis of T-72, Torpedoes for the Navy, Parachute and arrester barriers for the three Services, NBC (nuclear, biological and chemical) equipment for the three Services, Many products of Life Sciences for the three Services, Materials for strategic applications, Hyperbaric chamber for Navy, Terrain data and intelligence for the Army, Small arms and ammunition for the three Services, Communication and C4I systems for Army- the Shakti Artillery Combat Command Control System which connects massed artillery guns and makes them 10 times more effective.


DRDO is clear in his Vision and Mission, and leading country towards self-reliability and saving millions of dollars to exchequer, But yet all we hear in our media is an endless stream of negativity about India's Defence R&D efforts.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A Tale of a White Elephant and its Mother

Part I
India represents a country of billion people having lot of enthusiasm, expectations and grief(especially when you are not upto their expectations) from cricket to defence, publicity and appraisal of a defence project depends on the credibility like a cricketer`s ICC rating. If you are good in your work i.e. have some good records in your pocket then definitely Page 3 of every newspaper is reserved for you but if you can`t then "God can only save you!!!". Individual performance of a cricketer is always hyped with Team India`s performance as of DRDO(Defence Research & Development Organization), more over Indian Media thinks DRDO as DODO, these is the same media who did the same when ISRO was struggling to launch SLV’s in 1980’s. Today ISRO successes have put the media on the back foot, That`s why I promised to myself "Boy I will definitely write an article on it...", So the story is all about a White Elephant(Arjun MBT) struggling hard from past three decades for it`s existence and it`s Mother(DRDO) who is very much criticized about its credibillity - "India would certainly be better off without the DRDO, which has done nothing except consume ridiculous amounts of money with no positive output. At least this is what the Indian English-language media would have you believe"- Indian Express.

Technical details of Arjun MBT can be found on other web sites, and it is worthless to compare it`s credibillity against other tanks of the world without accounting following issues:

Role of Indian Bureaucrats/Army Officials in Some Defence Projects:

1. Indian Govt. and Army officials are reluctant in taking head-to-head "comparative trials" of the indigenous Arjun main battle tank (MBT), under development and the Russian built T-90 tanks, permission for trials are given in June-2009 after One and half years of original schedule, But now one of the army officials quote the possibility of delays in trial due to Elections-2009.

2. The same goes with LCA TEJAS.The FRENCH offer to co develop the aircraft was rejected and US was chosen, which is a mysterious decision.Since then the aircraft development has been hit by US sanctions.

3. Ministry of Defence(MoD) awarding Israel Aircraft Industries(IAI) a Rs. 10,000-crore contract to develop and produce an “Advanced New Generation Surface to Air Missile (SAM) System.” which offers a range of 120km interception. Joint production of Barak II of Rs 2,800 crore for Indian Navy is also on the agenda, despite of the DRDO`s sucess in demonstration of it`s Prithvi Air Defense(PAD) System.

Some Facts

1. T-90 tanks are designed for Russian conditions but not for hot regions of Thar deserts of India, moreover there is a structural flaw in T-72 and T-90 tanks e.g. In operation Desert storm against Iraqis and in Gregorian War T-72 was an easy target, because design concept of Western and Russian tanks are different, Russian tanks are designed according to traditional Soviet/Russian approach of keeping its MBTs small and low so as to profile the smallest possible target, putting more emphasis on not being hit rather than on survivable most hits...despite of the fact Indian Army inducted them in kilos.

2. Russian Tank T-72 imported by Indian Army could not penetrate the Kanchan Armor protected Arjun Tank , with APFDS at point blank range. Subsequently, the debate took place if the Russians had supplied us with training rounds rather than the actual ammunition. As a side note, in January 2000 at Proof & Experimental Establishment (PXE), Balasore, Arjun tank armor defeated all available HESH and FSAPDS rounds including Israeli FSAPDS rounds.

3. There is an interesting column posted by an Israelli Guy named Denil in Pakistan Defence Forum, But i wil give it`s link in "" because I think the original post was deleted by the Admin of Pak forum...Here`s the link posted under "dredger14" account of about that guy and it`s opinion -

I am not sure about it`s authenticity and credibility because it can be it`s personal opinion( as I can`t be biased...), the main point is, If that guy is true to it`s heart then it firmly quantifies the following truth:

Hidden Truth

1. There is a Central Bureau of Investigation enquiry in progress against the IAI(Israeli Aircraft Industries). It will therefore be a gross and serious violation of government rules and regulations to place fresh orders for any systems whatsoever with the IAI until the CBI enquiry is over and the IAI is cleared. But a recent news item (Indian Express, November 17, 2008) cited government sources as having told the newspaper that “the Defence Ministry has gone to the Cabinet Committee on Security (CCS) for approval of this multi-million dollar procurement of a Medium-Range Surface-to-Air Missile (MRSAM) project between Israeli defence contractors and the DRDO” — even before the CBI enquiry is complete.

2. Indian Army Officials/Politicians/Bureaucrats all of them know that Russian T-90 can not withstand Arjun MBT(Kanchan Armour and Highly stable 120 mm gun) and if these gonna happen then, How can they make extra bugs under their pocket in the disguise of Defence Procurements. Thus Arjun MBT is fighting battle before entering into services.

That`s why I told all of you guys that it`s worthless to compare Arjun MBT against Al-Khalid`s of Pakistan or other Tanks of the world because Dirty Poaching habits make the "White Elephant really as a Tale" leaving it`s mother DRDO as a whipping boy of media.

Part II Contd...

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Melting Relations - Russia & India

India is irritated with Moscow for its failure to keep its commitment of delivering weapons systems on time and also failing to sustain a system to provide uninterrupted supply of spares, apart from jacking up the cost arbitrarily halfway through the implementation of the project. The break-up of the mighty Soviet empire leading to the bankruptcy of its vast and sprawling military industrial complex has been blamed for India’s far from happy track record in dealing with the Russian defence contractors...Nav Hind Times

However the relationship between India and Russia is undergoing significant changes in the new context of market reforms and globalisation, as well diversification of acquisitions by India. It is only recently that India has begun to diversify and look at the US and Israel for military imports, and also Russia is very much upset due to the closeness between India and US. It seems that they are moving further and further apart over a number of issues.

What are the Issues..???
1. Russia has asked India to evict the Indian Air base at Ayni, also known as IAF base Farkhor located near the town of Farkhor in Tajikistan, 130 kilometres (80 miles) south east of the capital Dushanbe. It is the only Indian military base situated in a foreign country and just 2 km from the Tajik-Afghan border. The Farkhor Air Base gives the Indian military the required depth and range in seeking a larger role in South Asia and is a tangible manifestation of India’s move to project its power in Central Asia, especially against their rivalaries(China and Pakistan)..for example indian fighter planes can reach Pakistan within minutes. However, this can also be the case of Cold War strategy to put a dilemma on the issue i.e. false reports(over eviction).
2. Russia ignoring Indian pressure and allowing China to re-export more than 500 RD-93 engines(also used in Mig-29 Fulcrum) to Pakistan for the JF/17-Thunder fighter aircraft, JF/17 is the front liner aircraft of Pakistan Airforce.
3. Admiral Gorshkov was a modified Kiev class aircraft carrier of the Russian Navy, originally named Baku. In 2004, she was sold to India for conversion into a STOBAR carrier to be named INS Vikramaditya. Gorshkov by far is the most problematic of the deals with Russia as $1.2 billion price escalation and Russia`s inability to deal with large aircraft carriers makes it ready for sea trial near in 2012 i.e. 4yrs behind of it`s schedule.
4. Besides Gorshkov Russia has already asked India to cough up more for SU-30-MKI combat aircraft(40 aircrafts will be purchased and 138 will be manufactured under licence). And, the Indian Navy on its part has refused to take delivery of the Sindhughosh - Kilo class submarine and the land attack missiles it was equipped with to fire, after it came a cropper in test firings.
5. Some years ago India withheld the payment for one of the three IL-38 maritime patrol aircraft upgraded with the Sea Dragon submarine detection equipment since it did not fulfill the stringent norms set by the Indian Navy. Another bone of contention between India and Russia is the issue of technological transfer in critical areas for production of T-90S battle tank by the Heavy Vehicles Factory at Avadi near Chennai. There is a dismay in India over the way Russians are putting impediments in its plan to indigenously manufacture 1000 T 90S battle tanks. Now India has decided to develop the critical technological elements in respect of T-90S that Russia has refused to make available.
India had a taste of this in 1992 also, when succumbing to the American pressure, Russia refused to honour its commitment of transferring the critical cryogenic engine technology to India. Russia, which had signed with Glavkosmos as part of the deal with Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) before the break up of the Soviet Union was required to make available the cryogenic engine technology. Subsequently, ISRO managed to build and test a fully Indian cryogenic engine stage meant to power its high performance GSLV (Geosynchronous Satellite Launch Vehicle)...Nav Hind Times

Above of all, Despite the disintegration of the Soviet Union in 1991, the relationship between India and Russia remains one of considerable importance to both countries. Since the early 1950s, New Delhi and Moscow had built friendly relations. India's nonalignment enabled it to accept Soviet support in areas of strategic congruence, as in disputes with Pakistan and China, without subscribing to Soviet global policies or proposals for Asian collective security. Russia is the largest arms exporter to India and a majority of the Indian military hardware is of Soviet/Russian origin (about 70%)....Russia and India are working on several joint missile development prorams like Brahmos(Fastest Cruise Missile), PAK FA 5th Generation fighter and other areas of defence...

It is due to Russia`s 20yrs Treaty of Peace and Co-operation, "India benefited at the time of 1971 Indo-Pak war because the Soviet Union came to support the Indian position on Bangladesh and because the treaty acted as a deterrent to China and avoid Us Navy. New Delhi also received accelerated shipments of Soviet military equipment in the last quarter of 1971 and During the India-Pakistan war of 1965, the Soviet Union acted with the United States in the UN Security Council to bring about a cease-fire....Russia is always a reliable ally to India from 1960 onwards, so it is necessary for both countries to come up with their inequities and sail forward in all dimensions of 21st century.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Cold War II Strategy - Andaman Nicobar Command

In 2001 India set up a strategic command in Andaman and Nicobar islands to give its Navy a "Blue-Water" status in the Bay of Bengal and the Arabian Sea. Andaman Nicobar Command(ANC) is the first tri-services formation and was set up to foster joint planning and operations by India’s armed forces. The command, which will be headed by the three-services in rotation, will function under the to-be-appointed chief of defence staff. It will be directly responsible for military operations in the Andaman and Nicobar theatre. The Indian airforce has a substantial presence, including a fighter squadron and a unit of helicopters. The army was to station a full division or 8,000 soldiers in the islands. Surveillance and monitoring stations have been established along the entire archipelago.

Why it is Pearl..???
Although envisaged as a maritime surveillance command, its significance lies in its location.
1. The island territories sit at the mouth of the Malacca Straits- which is the second-busiest sea lane of communication (SLOC) in the world i.e. almost 40% of world`s trade, 70-80% energy supplies of China and Japan, more than 21.8 per cent (in excess of $100 billion) of China's exports to the Gulf and Europe pass through the Malacca Straits. Most of the ships approach the straits through the 10 Degree Channel, which bisects the Andaman Islands and the Great Nicobar Islands.This means that by setting up the ANC, India will now have the capacity to protect and monitor sea traffic bound for the South China Sea.It means Cold War Strategy(India) - Malacca Strait is a choke point that could be used to cut off vital supplies in the event of a conflict with China in particular, definitely ANC is intended for that role.
2. Helps New Delhi to check gun-runners, narco-traffickers and pirates. Incidents of piracy in the South China Sea are on the rise and gun-runners use the Andaman Sea to supply arms to insurgents in north-east India via Myanmar and Bangladesh.

China`s Reaction & India`s Action
The northernmost point is less than 50km from the "Coco Islands" which belong to Burma is now leased by China`s PLA(People`s Liberation Army), China has strengthened ties with Burma and is reportedly developing naval bases and electronic surveillance facilities in the country, A recent report also suggested deployment of nuclear submarines possibly TYPE 094(NATO reporting name: Jin-Class), it means Cold War Strategy(China) - China could enforce a sea denial on India in an emergency from its warships stationed.
On the other hand India, which has been developing a close strategic alliance with the US, has used the Nicobar and Andaman islands to “counter” the Chinese presence in Burma and other Asian countries. Recently India had held discussions with Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore about naval collaboration in the Malacca Strait. The Indian and Indonesian navies are already engaged in joint patrols in what is known as the Six Degree Channel separating Nicobar from the Indonesian island of Sabang. The channel is normally used by all international shipping entering or leaving the Malacca Strait. Cold War Strategy(India) - Involve others.

Behind the Scenes[1]
Coco Island and the northern-most tip of the Andamans are separated by just 18 kilometers of sea, Officials say that Coco is visible from the Andamans and plenty of Chinese fishermen can be seen in its port. Chinese fishermen also sell consumer goods to the Andaman people in mid sea. Officials firmly say that China is encouraging the Burmese to take up residence in the Andamans.I don`t know what to cal these may be "By Hook or Crook Strategy" please comment if you have any one...

Tsunami Controversy[2]
According to a BBC report, “The Andaman-Nicobar administration is determined to prevent foreign voluntary groups from joining the relief effort, even if it is by proxy.”
The obvious question arises: Why such sensitivity to a foreign aid presence in the Andamans?
Possible Answer : It is a Cold War II mentality, India is sensitive about its military installations in the Andamans.
Above of all ANC is really a Pearl of Indian Navy, and the Red Dragon is really very much worried about it...
[2]. Asian Tribune -

Saturday, June 6, 2009

1989-2009: Great Wall of Silence

Inside the Dragon
Hindustan Times

I found an article in Hindustan Times and pretty amused by the fact that the PRC(People Republic of China) Govt. is still hiding the exact number of sudents and workers killed when bullet and millitary tanks crushed a pro-democracy protest in Beijing on June 4, 1989 infamously known as "Tiananmen massacre", Twenty year after 1989, China is the world`s third largest economy and a regional Super power attracting billions of FII`s but still the power of word "Freedom" is absolute or we can say blurred in communist china, millions of chinese still don`t even know that lives were lost that night on Tiananmen Square, nobody knows about the famous "Tank Man" Time`s most influential(Top 20) man of that year.

One of the talking points inside China these week is not June 4, but a little-known chinese company`s aquisition of the hummer brand from General Motors, students graduating these year are interested in discussing the job prospectus, not government reform and when asked about june 4 incident, they firmly said about a Communist party member`s mentioning that students had protested over "income inequality", the Party had controlled the counter-revolutionaries, and shot some fires for the sake of stabillity. Nobody told them that there was aa death troll and they don`t care to know the details.
Thus after 20 years from that massacre China`s Great Wall of Silence ensured that the 20th anniversary was incident free as censors are installed to filter foreign channels/news and even social community sites like orkut, twitter etc. After going through article I asked to myself - "Is it good to be a Regional Superpower or Economical Hub of the world at the cost of their own people.???". PRC Govt. assuring a country of more than billion people of fulfilling their aim/aspiration to lead each and every dimension of economy/technology etc. without unfolding a blackspot of their past.

China Gears Up For Cyber Warfare

Cyber-Warfare also known as Cyberwar is the use of computers and internet in condusting warfare in cyberspace[1], now china is gearing up for that, making their systems reluctant to those cyberwars. This is article is based on an article published in Washington Times as "China Blocks US From Cyber-Warfare"[2] .
China has developed more secure operating software for its tens of millions of computers and is already installing it on government and military systems, hoping to make Beijing's networks impenetrable to U.S. military and intelligence agencies.
The secure operating system, known as Kylin, was disclosed to Congress during recent hearings that provided new details on how China's government is preparing to wage cyberwarfare with the United States.
As the specter of “cyber warfare” grows more vivid, US policy makers and security specialists are rightly concerned at the fact that China is taking such direct action to protect itself from potential foreign information warfare threats — that this may set the US at a disadvantage.
If China installs a secure operating system on all military PCs, The H reports that China claims the design of the OS is proprietary on its official "Kylin Website"[3]. The H also reports that:
an analysis of the code
(Chinese page link) in the kernel indicates that it is in fact a hardened version of FreeBSD 5.3.
While I could paraphrase the message, The H put it succinctly:
This has lead to concern over the state of open source development in China. Furthermore, the advisor said that US systems, which use off-the-shelf American software, such as Microsoft products, open source software, and foreign applications, would be less secure and more vulnerable to back doors allowing access during “times of war”.
The harsh truth of the matter is that corporate influence in government has succeeded in retarding the progress of information technology advancement in US defense policy by weighing down decision making processes with political favoritism. Meanwhile, the fact that Chinese government officials are not beholden to powerful public corporations frees them from the kind of untoward influence that has resulted in software acquisition contracts motivated more by reƫlection concerns than by security concerns in the US. All too often, the selection process in US government specifically excludes all options except a very few vendors for software acquisitions. The result is that China appears to be well ahead of the curve, selecting the best OS for the job regardless of vendor influence in the West.
When the US Department of Defense is the target of no fewer than 128 information infrastructure attacks per minute from China, and we discover that while DoD is almost universally using off-the-shelf Microsoft Windows systems while China is engaged in working toward 100% military deployment of security hardened FreeBSD, it becomes clear that there’s definitely something wrong with US information security policy.

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I Can`t Find My Blog

Guess what will be the most frequent asked question(faq) for a novice bolgspot blogger???.......and the answer is "I can't find my blog/site on Google: Where is it?" yup that was the obvious question in my mind when i first created a blog "Beginning of Cold War II" and after going through several articles, i got an insight of all these things and now i want to share my experience with all of you and one more thing is that, though this blog is dedicated mainly for Intelligence breifings and serious concerns regarding the explosive military growth of China. I am posting this article under this blog because it`s the most important part for a novice blogger to get everything started, ya this article helps to list your site/blog on Google.
To be very simple, Google maintains an "Index" like an index of a book and serves to your query [ for e.g. if search keyword is "Indian army" then it will lookup for that searchword in index" ] and based on the relevancy of results pages are displayed, so your sole aim is to register yourself to that index. In google`s term relevancy/popularity depends on 200 factors and is popularily known as "PageRank" to be simple it defines the importance of your page on the web, greater the page rank more appealing your web page and greater chance of indexing. Second thing is Googlebot(an algorithmic program) uses "Web crawlers" - Web crawlers are mainly used to create a copy of all the visited pages for later processing by a search engine that will index the downloaded pages to provide fast searches, so greater crawling to your website/blog means frequent updation of index of your page.
Many bloggers think that they create a blog at Blogspot and it will automatically be listed. If only things were that simple, you should be able to understand the importance of Search Engine Optimization(SEO) i.e. optimize your site such that(generally by using Meta Tags) it will top the list of search results, as the earlier the site appears in search result the more visitors it will recieve from the search. Now we have covered a short introduction on Google. It`s time for action :

Step 1.
The first way to get listed in Google is to use their "Add URL" form located at:
Step 2. Another good way to help Google find your blog is to get a backlink from a site that Google has already indexed. A backlink is an incoming link from any website or blog pointed to your blog. As crawler will crawl through this link.
Step 3. If you haven't done so yet, submit a sitemap of your blog "Webmaster Tools" to increase your site's visibility in Google. Here`s a link that will also provide useful checklist/information while dealing with Webmaster`s Tool.
Step 4. You can ping them directly.
Step 5. My personal opinion is that browse through two or more sites and post comments on them especially on this site, though comments are generally not followed by crawlers but i personally believe that on some site it works, it`s a way of providing back links i.e some other`s site who is now well indexed is pointing at you.
One more problem, I have faced is lazy updation of my site on Google's index....I update my site frequently but it`s hard to index them on google, but I learnt that if you have many inbound links to your site and lot`s of patience then surely you are gonna make wants content - I found it the most important of all above steps if you really have some serious contents on your site/blog then you appeal a lot to Google....above of all is to notify google everytime(1-2 hour gap between two notification is necessary) you update your blog/site by "Resubmitting" to Google. I think this article will help you on hav to just send an HTTP Request to google. Here`s is the link for it
Note: Above findings/research are true to my knowledge but if I am wrong at some point then please inform me about it by posting comment...because what I personally believe "You learn, I learn and together it will be a discussion"

Below are some links for - Increasing PageRank/Blog Promotion/SEO/Crawl Rate Increase :

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Threat`s of Indian Subcontinent

When I am writing this post lot of things are going around the world and mainly in subcontinent -Victory of Srilanka`s army over LTTE(Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelem) and now is troubled and helpless unable to come to terms with its minority(Tamils), Pakistan continues to be inimical, struggling hard to come up from it`s civil war, well talibani`s are also making their life miserable. Nepal is troubled but may return from the edge as it experiments with democracy. Bangladesh remains unstable, violence prone and radicallized. Mynmaar is busy with it`s internal conflicts and democracy still strives against military government, India will see another 5 yrs. of UPA Govt. in action pressurizing Pakistan to stop lending their land for terrorism on the other hand counter check china`s military growth, but unable to resolve internal conflicts/war against naxalites, ulfa and other sepratist. India`s largest neighbour China, is powerful, aggressive and ambitious, now it`s 20th anniversary of Tianmen massacare and china is aggresively trying to cover his black spot of the past by censoring media/internet.
Leo Tolstoy’s classic Anna Karenina begins with the famous sentence: “Happy families are all alike; every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.” The Indian subcontinent is somewhat like this. A collection of unhappy neighbours - unhappy with each other and unhappy among themselves.
Mistrust among neigbours, Ambitious Military plans in the shadow of High Defence spending, Blody wars and Aspiration of becoming Regional powers makes the subcontinent more vulnerable than volcano, it`s unstabillity poses some serious threats. As China, India and Pakistan are the three major players especially China and India are economical/military superpowers in the subcontinent, all of them are Nuclear tipped and having sophisticated and ambitious military strength/artillaries enough to destroy each other, thus making the subcontinent more prone to theatre of World War III. China is now the world`s largest arms importer(according to CIA), India also hikes their military budgets to cope with it`s strategic needs and do not underestimate Pakistan, it spends 60-70% of it`s GDP to counter India. There is more and more to say on it all these facts are like tip of an iceberg, from past few years these three major players are involved in serious arms race and trying to establish Detterence either Nuclear or Strategical(like acquiring
military base/ports), thus implying to all of us that is the "Beginning of Cold War II" in the Indian Subcontinent.

Indian Subcontinent will be the theatre of World War III, it is the most unstable region in the world. Mistrust between neighbors, Aspiration to become Regional powers, Bloody wars etc. lead to hike in Military Budgets, Arms race and Nuclear Detterence in the Subcontinent and much more as it is the "Beginning Of Cold War II" in the Indian Subcontinent. We appreciate others participation in this blog, please contact us at